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The teaching program of the research group Aircraft Systems is currently under construction. It is planned tat new courses will grow up with 4SWS (SWS = contact hours per week) per semester.

In the winter semester 2021/22, the course Aircraft Design I (further details and dates in TISS: 307.504) will be offered for the first time in the form of a VU with 4SWS. In the summer semester 2022, the course Aircraft Design II will follow, which builds on the first part. These courses are currently not assigned to any degree program, i.e. free choice. 

In the exercise part, an aircraft concept is developed in small groups and a report is prepared. At the end of each semester of study, the designs are to be presented by the teams. Instead of an examination, the submitted project reports (80%) and the presentations (20%) are evaluated (examination is immanent).