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The research group for Pressure Vessel and Plant Technology is engaged teaching and research on the field of pressure equipment. Most activities are concentrated on pressure vessels, pipelines, pressure accessories and safety accessories as used in chemical plants. One of the focuses of the group is design, where methods for the Design by Analysis are enhanced. Fatigue and creep damage are of special interest. In the field of inspection and testing of pressure equipment, the group is engaged on acoustic emission examination.

1988 the institute of Pressure Vessels and Plant Design of the department of mechanical engineering of Vienna University of Technology was founded. O.Univ.Prof.Dipl.-Ing.Dr.techn. Josef Zeman was the head of the institute until his retirement (2006).

January 2007, the former Institute for Pressure Vessel and Plant Technology has been integrated as research group “Pressure Vessel and Plant Design” to the Institute for Engineering Design and Logistics Engineering of the Vienna University of Technology.