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Hakan Göcerler is a junior scientist at AC2T research GmbH since 2011 with a special focus on biotribology. He studied mechanical engineering at Dokuz University in Eylül Turkey. His Master thesis was written within a collaborative project together with University of Dokuz Eylül-approved and accepted at the Vienna University of Technology. Hakan Göcerler also worked at the Helmholtz Center Geesthacht being involved in joining and assessment of hydrogen tanks. Additionally, he spent some time at the CIMaINa at the University of Milano for the Determination of mechanical properties of human skin using atomic force microscopy and at the Philips Applied Technologies Center Eindhoven working on a design of a tribosystem to analyse contact lens-corneal cell line interactions. Hakan´s research interests are tribodiagnostics, atomic force microscopy, contact modelling and biotribology.